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    Browns’ Farm is in it’s third year of operation as a diverse vegetable farm. We are committed to soil health and investing resources into the field that assure it has all the micro-nutrients our bodies require (boron, magnesium, calcium, you name it). Browns’ Farm was started with the intention of creating a transmission of knowledge between generations and to grow the food we want to eat at a price we can afford. We desire work/life balance for ourselves and our staff and envision quality food being accessible to everyone.  


We’re in it for the love. The love of art, heart, soil and the human race. We have learned so many things the hard way and are grateful that farming is a thing in life where you can truly learn from others’ mistakes (not that you won’t make your own). We pay all of our employees an agreed upon, livable wage and open our brains, books and business to employees for their learning experience in hopes of growing more farmers. It’s not just a job, it’s a way of living. 

Where to find us?

The farm is located in Niwot, Colorado.

Our vegetables are available through our CSA ,

at the Boulder County Farmers' Market 

(Saturday - Longmont, Wednesday - Boulder),

and and at our roadside Farm Stand                                       

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