20 weeks

June 8 -

October 19 

MONDAY afternoon

                               pick-up @ the farm

FRIDAY afternoon

                              pick-up @ the farm

                              or Boulder location



Boxes will be a minimum of $25 value every week.

($25 value at the start when summer crops haven’t come in, and some bonus veggies towards the end of the season when the fields are bountiful.)

Sliding Scale

Our main objective is to be sure that everyone has access to safe food that is nutrient dense.

suggested scale $20-$30

We are offering a sliding scale option for our veggie boxes. Our suggested scale is $20-$30 and we encourage you to think about what is reasonable in your eyes. We recognize many people’s finances are unstable and aren’t certain about when their next pay check will be, so if you have a special request, please reach out and we will work with you.

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/ week

CSA shares are Sold Out For 2020 Season