Register for the 2021 season


20 weeks

June 10 -

October 23


*please contact us with any questions

or concerns cate.blackwell@gmail.com




Boxes will be a minimum of $20 value every week.

* with the option to purchase an additional 

$5 Greens Add-on share

(+ $100 for the season) 


and / or the addition of 

a weekly flower share 

($10 value / week)

(+$100 for the season)


Our main objective is that everyone has access to nutrient dense food. While we hope that building modular CSA options aids in this process, we are also open to working with those who are experiencing extreme need. Please reach out if you would like to share your story and be considered for a discounted box.

Click here to Register for the 2021 CSA season

/ week